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Windows 10 version 1709 – “Fall” Creators update
What’s new?
The release date for this major update was 17 October 2017
It will be rolled out to Windows 10 PCs over the following few weeks.
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Windows 10 Controlled Folder Access
Controlled Folder Access is an optional and powerful security feature introduced in the “Fall” Creators update (version 1709).  You can choose to turn it on or off. Turning it on helps prevent rogue ransomware and other malware encrypting files and causing other damage to your files.  But it is a bit tricky to use if you have “Desktop” apps on your computer other than Microsoft Office.
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Keeping Windows 10 Secure
Notes from John Allen’s talk on 2nd August 2017
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Other articles about Windows 10

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Windows 10 – Primer for Windows 7 Users
This explains Apps and Accounts in Windows 10.  Windows 8 users would be familiar with this.
Windows 10 – Basics for Windows 7 and 8 users
The new concepts in Windows 10.  Windows 7 users should first read the Primer above.
Windows 10 – User Accounts
How to set up Local and Microsoft accounts in Windows 10.  Windows 7 users should first read the Primer above.  Read this to understand what account information will be requested during the upgrade process, also what a PIN is.
Windows 10 – Install or upgrade Windows 10 on computers with limited disk space
The Windows 10 installer requires about 10GB of spare disk space to install an upgrade.  If your computer has limited disk space, you can use a USB disk.

Windows 10 Hints & Tips

General hints & tips on using Windows 10 and customising it to your needs:

Get Started
Where is Internet Explorer??
Choose a different default web browser
Internet Explorer – set Google as the default Search Engine
and set your home page to Google
Microsoft Edge Browser – Set Google as the default Search Engine
and set your Home page to Google
Change the default email app
Change the default Photo viewer, Music, Video apps
Customising the Start menu
Managing the Live Tiles on the Start menu
Help, my Start menu is full screen and all my apps run full screen
Using the All apps list in the Start menu
What is Fast Start?
Too many Notifications? How to fix it
Change the Search and Cortana settings
Change the format and functionality of the Search box
Setting up a PIN to sign in to Windows
Edge Browser opens lots of web pages when it starts – how to fix it
Using the Troubleshooting Apps
Setting privacy options
Stop Windows 10 using YOUR Internet Connection to upload updates to other computers on the Internet
Slide shows with speed control
How to fix apps with blurry text
How to see what is using up your internet data

John Allen
Last edited November 2017