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Just a few goodies for you

Wordle – word game for PC, Tablet or Phone 

Guess the word of the day in six steps. New word every day.

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The New York Times (

I’ve probably mentioned this site before but if I’ve forgotten then probably everyone else has as well.
If you want to learn Sudoku or want to extend your skill to a higher level, then there are numerous places to go.
If I’m stuck on a puzzle I use this site: Sudoku Solutions    which works well on all platforms.

This interface allows you to enter numbers and check it, rate it, and get hints. It is very simple to use, with easy instructions on the page.

On the other hand if you really want to get into Sudoku and need to know the difference between a swordfish and jellyfish strategy?

Then this is the place below:

Sudoku Solver by Andrew Stuart

Into Movies

Once upon a time for entertainment, you watched what your were given on the TV or went to the cinema once in a while to enjoy the latest offering. How things have changed, with Iview, SBS/7/Win On-Demand, Netflix, Stan and goodness know what else not to mention, Youtube. Where do you start, and what on earth is that movie/series all about. That’s when you go to the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb. Just put in a title and discover heaps of stuff, plots, actors, reviews and ratings. You can find it here: IMDb: Ratings, Reviews, and Where to Watch the Best Movies & TV Shows.

Or there is an APP on Google Play score for your handheld device. – Happy Viewing


Want to know where you are to the square metre!

In a nutshell, what3words is a new system that defines a given Latitude/Longitude with three words.
what3words was developed in the UK. They divided the world into 3m squares and given each one a unique three word identifier, making it easier to precisely pin-point any location compared to using latitude/longitude.
what3words has been incorporated into the Australian Emergency Services Emergency Plus app.

There is also a useful what3words app available on iOS and Android.
You can use this app to find any what3words location and navigate to it, or share the location.
It is particularly useful for navigating to a location using a compass if no data connection is available and you only have GPS.

Click here to open the PDF file that has all the details, and some w3w exercises for you to do.