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Good Morning Friends

It’s 10 o’clock on the first Wednesday of the month and time for our May EuroSCUG meeting.
Maybe next month we will be able to get together physically but at the moment we can’t, so sit down at your computer and join in the fun.

We don’t have a guest speaker this month but the committee have all been researching to find things to pique your interest.
We hope you enjoy sampling the activities we have spread around your home and keep safe, keep well, keep in contact and wash your hands.
Amanda Annabel


The House

Computer Room


Over the Fence




Meet Dianne
on Zoom







What is that bird, is it a pigeon, is it a wren or is it an Albatross?
Or do I need glasses?
Why not find out more

 Everything you wanted to know about Zoom

Face to Face!


Now for something completely different…this is the only activity which requires you to be sitting in front of your computer/laptop/tablet, wherever it is, at a particular time this morning.
At exactly 11 am this morning we are going to hold a Zoom session.
Zoom- what’s that? Zoom is something most of us had never even heard of six weeks ago and now it is the talk of the town.

Zoom is a very useful, easy to use, video conferencing platform which allows you to connect with people from all over the world, free of charge, for 40 mins.
Want to know more?  Click on the link below and come and join Dianne to learn more about this wonderful way of keeping in touch with friends and family.

John will email everyone the Meeting Room link



Welcome to the Computer Room

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TAFE NSW, in conjunction with the NSW Government, is offering a number of fee-free short courses that can be completed in just days or weeks.
Why not take the opportunity and develop more computing skills – all done at home?
Here are some of the computing courses available that you might be interested in.

TAFE Statement in Digital Skills
This is fairly basic training for using your computer, you will learn how to customise your computer, connect physical devices, search the Web, use your computer efficiently, and work safely to protect your computer.

Statement of Attainment in Build Creative Digital Imaging Skills
This is aimed at marketing but might be very interesting if you want to improve your digital imaging skills. You will need access to a digital camera for this course.

Statement of Attainment in Computing Skills
Develop your skills with office applications in word processing and spreadsheet software. You will create a range of workplace documents including letters, reports, flyers, budgets, basic formulas, charts and office templates. This course also develops your knowledge and skills for keeping safe.

Statement of Attainment in Digital Security Basics
A bit more advanced for those who already know their way around operating systems, networks etc. This is an introduction on how to manage threats to data privacy and cyber security.

Statement of Attainment in Using Social Media Tools
A good course to do if you are in a community organisation and want to engage using social media. A grounding is given in the different social media platforms.

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The Lounge

Would you like to do an online jigsaw puzzle?

If you are using a laptop or computer, click here:


If you would like to download an app for your phone or tablet:
For ios (Apple) go to the App Store on your device or if you have Android device go to the Google Play Store.

Search for jigsaw puzzles from
Easy Brain Jigsaw Puzzles


Magic Jigsaw Puzzles (from ZiMAD).

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In the Study

My study is a mess, unlike Cora I am not organised and work on the pile-it principle. I know it is in that pile, probably!
However in an effort to reduce clutter I no longer keep paper piles as large as previously, and don’t keep a folder or print out our very useful newsletters.
Finding something in an old newsletter is no problem.

Searching for Old Newsletter Articles

All Newsletters going back to 2008 are available on Google Drive
Click here to open our Google Drive Newsletter folder

Scroll down and click to open the newsletter folder on drive.  Log into your Google account if not already logged in.
Click in the search bar, select pdf as file type and type in your key words eg deepmind and press enter


View your search results, you can re-open the search results list by just clicking in the search box. Notice the search is across all years.

Click a newsletter to open it in your browser, use the Ctrl-F find command to search in the document for your desired text. (you need to retype eg deepmind in the find box and press enter). 
You can repeat this across each newsletter until you discover the item of interest.

Backing up – Save it before you lose it

The other thing I regularly do in my study is back up my computer and laptop. These days with the regular roll out of updates that often can cause problems, and all the other nasties that can infect our computers this is particularly important!
I use the free Aomei backupper software, (it is so good I have actually bought a licence to use the advanced cloning feature). This link downloads from MajorGeeks website.


what do you need to back up your computer.

Appropriate hardware – preferably external to the computer, If you’re intending to buy an external drive, buy a powered USB3 one
The Seagate backup plus slim still has one of the best ratings in recent reviews
Software to do the backup. Download and install from the MajorGeeks link above.


You need to have the tools to be able to restore your back up if necessary onto a new computer or a dead system.
Create a bootable CD or DVD using the backup tools provided by your software. Usually you will find this under the utilities menu


Backup, there are several types of backup offered:
Disk backup. Allows you to back up any connected disk (This is what I recommend)
You can use a disk backup to restore any file or folder, and even replace to a new disk.


Check the backup is actually located where you specified and took place.Then disconnect the external drive to protect the backup from Malware.


Restoring or recovery of lost data
This is of utmost importance when disaster strikes as you may have to replace your disk drive.
Browsing the image, mounts the backup as a virtual drive and allows you to selectively locate and copy files out of the backup, can be great if you’ve accidentally deleted something.
Don’t forget the windows tools for this, recycle bin and restore previous versions.
Aomei’s online help is good and I have found them responsive to queries.

Repeating the process

To make further weekly backups, you can make a differential backup, which is quicker than a full backup. Then make a new full backup each month.

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Over the fence

Where the News was always shared

EuroSCUG News Flash
Settle down with a cuppa and check this out.

The Beagle has added a section on their website specifically for seniors.  EuroSCUG is even being given its own page so in between newsletters you can keep up to date with what is happening.
Go to and look for SENIORS on the main menu.
Then pull down menu then gives options of Seniors Others and Seniors Resources.
Seniors Others has EuroSCUG news, a link to the new EuroSCUG Facebook page and also highlight items from our newsletters.
There will be similar pages for all other Seniors organisations in the shire as well as items of general interest to seniors

The Seniors Resources page has lots of information with links to senior related activities and services.

You can either read this on the website or subscribe to this FREE monthly newsletter by sending an email to saying  SUBSCRIBE. You can unsubscribe any time.

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From the Verandah

Sick of looking at the wallpaper,
Go for a wander through the park,
Not just any park but a world famous one with a guide.

(CTRL + Click) on the link below and choose your park.

Yosemite National Park, USA

The Gardens of Versailles, France

Gombe National Park, Tanzania

The Royal Parks, UK

Central Park, USA


And don’t forget – Launceston Cataract Gorge

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Mike in the Kitchen

HI All, How many times can I get the word SOME into this sentence –

Things are moving along at the pace of a somnolent sloth, but bit by bit we are heading to somewhere, even the some of the experts don’t really know where, but we’ll get there someday, well some of us will hopefully most of us. But until then let’s do something…

I hope you have all been doing your backups. Not sure how , well here’s one option
There are others but I’ve been using this for years and it is very solid and reliable.

How to Use Microsoft Synctoy Backup

Download Synctoy Backup

Photos Photos Photos

You have lots of time on your hands so why not sort out your digital photos and make them easy to find.

Renaming Photos

Most of us are lazy and pop photos in folders with their generic titles  eg IMG 12345 etc. We know we can go back later and check them over and rename them. After a few years, this can be time consuming and so any trick to help renaming them is a bonus.
Say you have 250  photos taken in Japan in 2019. You’ve checked them out and thrown out the ones that are:
Forgotten what it is
Forgotten where it is
Forgotten who it is

Of your feet/thumb/strap
Maybe not that one…
and ended up with 10 memorable shots, well at least okish ones.
Now you need to rename them.

Right click on the first file in the folder and select Rename from the dropdown menu.
This highlights the title and now immediately type the title, the country and the date – eg Temple Japan 2019 or any other handle.
Before you do anything else –
Highlight the place and date including the space before the first word eg (  Japan 2019)  by dragging your cursor over the text. Now press Ctl + C to copy it –
We could now right click on the next image but Instead press the Tab Key, which will move you to the next file, and highlight the name which allows you to change it.
Type in the new name eg Fountain
Press Ctl + V and you should get the second part of the label for example Fountain Japan 2019
You can now repeat this for the rest of the folder as the copied bit will still be on your clipboard.

Tagging Photos

Over the years I have collected a few photos

Only 34 GB of photos,15000 files in 368 folder, where did they all come from?

Among the thousand of shots, there are only a few we want to keep close and easy to find, but we also want to keep them with in their original folder.
We could copy them but then we would end up with another 1000 photos to sift through.
There is another way to label them… Tagging them…This enables us to put more than one handle on any file.

Open Pictures and the folder where you have your shots. Use large Large Icons under the View Tab. Now the trick is to also open the Details Pane…

This will give you this view:
In the Preview Pane you will see a Tags and Rating

Click Add a tag,  type a tag, it will automatically add a semicolon after each tag, but if you go back later to add more tags remember to put them between the additions eg Cathy; Family; Portrait; Now add stars if you want. Save your changes at the bottom.

Another advantage of this method is you can tag more than one file at a time, by selecting the files you want to tag and adding a Tag.

High light those you want to tag – This will present you with this option
Clicking this opens up the Properties dialogue box so you can proceed as if it was just one photo.All the selected images will have that tag.

Now when you want to find that photo or series of photos, in Windows Explorer open up Pictures and in the search box type in the handle name you used.
Hopefully you won’t have to sift through 35,000 photos now to find it.

Search options

Another tool that you might not be aware of is that searches in folders also have a swag of options. To find them as they ware usually hidden.
You can put in a search in the entire Pictures folder, one folder, or folders in folders.

Once this is done It will search but it also gives you other context options:

You can save also save searches

Take a look around this area and if your are curious, then ask the web what these can do for you…

Feeling Curious

What kitchen appliance did Ken Wood invent in 1950? Tricky eh?
Sick of boring old cheddar try  – Casu Marzu?
Why do we eat hot foods in hot places?
In what century did we start cooling food and when was the first refrigerator built?
In the 1830s, what commonly used food sauce claimed to cure diarrhea and indigestion?
How can you test whether a cranberry is ripe?
Shiny cars and Gummy bears share a common property, what is it?
In 1905 11-year-old Frank Epperson  invented what treat?
What is the world record for the  number of eggs laid by a single chook in a year?
Have you ever eaten vomit? – No, then think again.
What use do you put a mandolin to in the kitchen?

And now a couple of brain twister games

You will have to play these games on your tablet or phone

Click on images for Links on your tablet or PC


Brain it On

And this one for PC or Tablet/Phone – Sorry but you will have to pay for this $5! The price of a cup of coffee.
Click on the image
Try it and be surprised

You will need to buy on eBay and Join the Steam Community – totally safe and I get a 10% commission!

Another Word Puzzle

How many 4 or more letter words, no plurals, can you make from the word


Good 30
Excellent 45
Genius 50

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In the Bathroom

Neville and I were talking a couple of days ago about things we remember from our childhood. It appears that it is quite a lot. Not only our own childhood but our children’s as well.

When our son was about 5 (pre-school) anyway, we had trouble getting him to brush his teeth. He was going through a ‘why’ period to any request.


Me:                       Clean your teeth David

David:                   Why

Me:                       Because they are yellow and dirty.

David:                   No they’re not.

Me:                       Yes, they are. Here I’ll show you. Go and get some of that white chalk.

David:                   OK

(I had suddenly remembered the Colgate ad with Mrs Marsh the teacher and the school children.)

I then proceeded to hold up the white chalk against his teeth. Sure enough, even though they weren’t yellow they were certainly NOT white. I then sang (badly) the following jingle:

‘You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent’.

This was a prominent advertisement at the time. Pepsodent no longer exists. There are other jingles/advertisements that were popular through the years and they can be found by opening up your internet browser and click on the link:

The next two feature the school teacher Mrs Marsh:

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This way to the Loo

You wanted to go there!

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