Meeting Handouts

Bytes and Bits – John Allen (LAG Feb 2020)

Facebook Bitcoin scam exercise – John Allen (LAG Feb 2020)

NSW Government Rebate scam – John Allen (LAG Feb 2020)

Corona Virus Misinformation – John Allen (LAG Feb 2020)

Some scams – John Allen (LAG Feb 2020)

Off-Facebook Activity – John Allen (LAG Feb 2020)

Playing with fonts – John Allen (LAG Oct 2019)

Using a Colour-picker in Windows – John Allen (LAG Sep 2019)

Samsung Phones Special modes – John Allen (LAG Sep 2019)

Where is my phone? – John Allen (LAG Sep 2019)

Windows 10: Controlling Internet usage – John Allen (LAG Sep 2019)

Apps for emergencies; medical help & assistance – David Num (Aug 2019)

LastPass Password Manager – John Allen (LAG July 2019)

Photostick photos backup – John Allen (LAG June 2019)

Google Backup & Sync – John Allen (LAG June 2019)

Windows 10: Controlling Internet usage – John Allen (LAG June 2019)

Tricks to resize/rename photos – John Allen (LAG 13 May 2019)
Photos for exercise

Windows ease-of-access features – John Allen (LAG 15 April 2019)

Erasing data when you pass on a computer – John Allen (LAG 8 April 2019)

IoT Security – John Allen(LAG 8 April 2019)

Franking Credits Explained – Bill Hadley (April 2019)

Consolidating your photo collection – John Allen (LAG March 2019)

Future proofing – David Num (March 2019)

Trove – One search, a wealth of information – Cora Num (Feb 2019)

MyHealthRecord – Set up a MyGov account & Navigate your MyHealthRecord – John
Detailed procedures for getting a MyGov account
and setting privacy and notification preferences on your MyHealthRecord

My Health Record – Consumer awareness
My Health Record – Senate committee Report
Information from Darren Marcus re presentation at Nov 2018 meeting

KeePass – installation and Usage – Mike

Computer Hygiene – David

Citizen Scientist – Amanda

Editing Photographs using Free Programs – Leslie

Researching Family History – Cora Num (Open Day)

Android TipsAmanda

Bill Radley’s Presentation at the June 2018 Meeting
“Making Money on the Australian Share Market”
(YouTube Video)

Internet Browsing – David

Stewart Needham – August 2018 Meeting
Friends of Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens – Botanical Explorer app

Road Safety Links
Tracey McClintock

Getting started – finding online courses – LAG meeting Oct 2018
David Num

Emergency Apps – Tablet group Oct 2018
David Num

Convert a Laptop to a Desktop Computer
John Allen

Using Windows 10 with two Monitors
John Allen