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Yet another month passes, and again we can’t meet face to face with you, our friends at Euroscug. Our humble offerings through the Newsletter and our site can in no way replace that and can only let you know we are thinking of you and maybe giving you a few  hints and a few moments of entertainment.
We would love to know whether you are missing our meetings and whether these snippets fill a small space of your day.

Drop us us a line at euroscug@gmail.com, we’d love to hear from you, even if it just to let us know you are still there.

Looking for something totally different?

Here is something from Amanda for android or computers,  which her daughter heartily recommends.
Virtual bubble wrap popping that could go in the house somewhere.

Go on pop it

Charmaine recommends
View Australian movies online at ABC Iview

To download ABC iview for your android phone, tablet or iPad go to the


To download ABC iview for your iPhone, or iPad go to


Browsers from Mike

Let’s take a look at two browsers, each has their strengths and weaknesses.
Every update will change them in subtle and discrete ways
They all follow a similar format in terms of the behind the screen options.
I’ll concentrate mainly on Edge first and then Firefox, but not in the same detail, as I’d end up repeating similar operations.

Edge Chromium Version

Let’s just sort out the look of this browser…
Click the 3 dots option top right…then look for Settings down the bottom…click

The next step depends on whether your browser is open in a full window.
In which case you can skip the next step otherwise..
Look for the hamburger link top left – click

Here we are in yet another list of options…click Appearance

Here we get a swag of options…

You make your own selections… The above works for me.
Check out the customize Fonts link as it allows you to select your preferred font type, it also allows you to change the font size.

Now let’s make Mr Google our home page as nearly every time one wants to go on the net we are looking for something.
Repeat the top 2 steps the three dots then the hamburger

Click On Startup
This used to be easy, but keep going…

Now you can type in the page you want Edge to open with, and let’s face it most time we are looking for info so why not start with a search engine.
Hint  – copy the address you want, by highlighting the address box by clicking once anywhere inside it and use both keys Ctrl and C to copy the address.
Then both keys Ctrl and V to past it into the URL box above. Click Add and you are done

New Tab Settings
Re-click dots > Settings > New tab page
Of course we have to click another link – Customize, that’s four steps to get here – madness…
Here are 4 options, pity there isn’t the click for stop bugging me.  Select Custom  or any of the others if your want.
Once upon a time, I could open another Home Page but that got stopped a while back. Now we have this…

You can choose Focused, Inspirational or Informational, but as far as I can see they are all near enough the same. So Get ready to enter the next nightmare and click Custom.
I have opted for the above, though if you have forgotten who you are and are still sitting in a darkened room, choose the Show Greeting and it will tell you your name, temperature and weather. Wow…
I have also chosen Headings Only to avoid the mainstream media drivel..
These changes are instantaneous and show you the results of your selection  – you will see you are now in a new.

Before you leave! Oh you’ve already left, we’ve missed something…
Open a new tab and look around the micro-scribes have left a little link… top left 9 dots..click

This has opened Office 365 options, if you are signed into your Microsoft account.
These are free and are a cut down versions of these programs but all fully functional.
If you are not signed in, it will take you to a promotional Office 365 page.

This is probably for us the second most popular browser, also it is not Microsoft.
It has been around for a long time and is just as secure as Edge.
The settings are, as with all, very similar, it is just a case of finding where they are.
Let’s go through the list:

The base offering needs things doing, to make it work.
First, let’s put on your browsing page a Bookmark/Favourites bar and a Menu bar. The latter is a welcome addition with dare I say it, a drop down menu format…bliss.
Right click top of page in the black area

Click both options, this takes 2 operations as this window closes with each individual selection, that’s it, but keep in mind the Customize link I’ll go back to that in a minute.
You will see a Bookmarks bar which will probably be empty.
And a Menu bar with File, Edit, etc, etc.
Take a few minutes to explore these drop down menus, I won’t go into them as there are just far too many options. Note also the keyboard shortcuts next to many of the options. I can never remember them, but some folk have that kind of mind.

As above, this allows you to place and remove action links into the address bar toolbar, whatever it is called…There will be a couple there already.

You can drag links both ways – eg Print, to make work easier.

Importing Favourites
If you have been using another browser, then you can import your favourites/bookmarks and some settings from there by dropping down Help and selecting Import from Another Browser. A popup menu, Import Settings and Data will give you a list of browser to import from. Note warning at the bottom…
Select your browser and then click Next…. Items to Import will open, choose what you wish, Logins and Favourites are useful, Cookies are created wherever you go so you don’t really need them. They will just let the site you visited with Edge remember you have been there. Next and you are done.
It’s so long since I have done this, that I can’t remember whether the Bookmarks Bar is filled or that the bookmarks are just in Bookmarks, so you’ll have to explore.

There are a couple of ways to sort this out, either from the Menu Bar Tools > Options. Or the hamburger settings symbol top right Click > Options
They both take you here:

There are more options to scroll down on the page. Take a moment to go through, you will need to add or take off ticks to suit your likes.

E.g. untick – Always check…., Select how you want Tabs to work, I always tick …When you open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately. Why wouldn’t you, you just clicked it???

I leave Automatically…ticked as it keeps the browser security up to date.
Most of the rest is OK you might want to make the Font bigger/smaller and change it to whatever you like. This only affects some text not all.

Back to the left hand menu click Home.

Here you can change your Homepage,
If you have come from Google on your main page you can use the Use Current Pages option.

New Tabs
This gives you 2 option either a Blank page or Firefox home, with links to recently opened pages, which can be useful. Check out the Home content, again, time will let you know what works for you.

Clicks Search this gives you options just scan through and either leave or change whatever your preference.

This gives you Tracking protection, Standard will suffice for most folk. Internet Explorer had a similar setup. The stricter the protection the more likely you are to get warning messages and blocks to sites.

Cookies and Data.
Clear Data every now and then is a good idea as it does accumulate.

Click Clear Data:
The second one is the one to clear, up to you if you want to clear the top one, it just means you will have to sign in again to sites you use.

Logins and Passwords.
Good to think about if you travel a lot or your device is accessible to others than yourself. But if you use a home computer with a sign in setup, it helps to tick the relevant options that let you keep the passwords to avoid having to sign in every time you go to read your email, or order another case of wine…
Master Password creates a single password to use for all the passwords that you save from sites you access. This can make it easier to access them all with one password. Don’t forget it.

Firefox Data Collection and Use
Pretty much up to you, unless you are a professional bank robber.

Exactly what it says, again up to you whether you want Firefox the same across all your devices.
Now you have sorted out the workspace then you can get onto browsing.

Bookmarks Bar
Just drag the address by holding down your left mouse key on the lock symbol in front of the address onto a space on you Bar.
You can change the name by right clicking on the link and selecting Properties from the list, remember to save it.

When on the page you want to return to later click the star at the end of the address box, it will prompt you to where you want to put the bookmark.

Similar to collections in Edge, you need to sign up to Firefox to use this option. Try it.

Library, History etc
The leaning book icon along from the address box gives you access to these places

So as you can see many roads lead to whatever you want to do.

And here is the latest brain testers:

What’s the favorite day for robbing a bank?
Butterflies taste with their what?
How many teeth does a snail have?
In 1884 LaMarcus Thompson gave what to the world?
Why was a kangaroo and emu chosen to be on the Australian coat of arms?
What is the worlds most venomous creature?
Where is the longest straight road on the planet?
In 1987 American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing item from it’s aircraft?
What is the same temperature in Fahrenheit and in Celsius?
How many viruses will fit on the head of a pin?

Stuck and no idea, then email Mike at euroscug@gmail.com