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This private EuroSCUG Group, is only open to financial members.
It is an informal/chat group to keep connected, informed and engaged.

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Anything posted on this group is private and can only be seen by other group members.
Think of it as a social group at a round table having a chat over morning tea at a EuroSCUG meeting!

If you’d like to join the Euroscug group, follow these instructions:

For Assistance –  email, with the subject line “We’re all in this together”, include your phone number.

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Facebook Privacy Settings on a Mobile Device

Facebook Mobile Basics (a great article from ASCCA)

Accessing the Group after Being Accepted

For Help
Send an email to, with the subject line “We’re all in this together”, include your phone number

Additional information
Your Home Facebook page is still there for your personal use, provided it is set up as a private page, it is not visible to group members.