Batemans Bay

LAG_Batemans Bay
This group gathers together on the second and third Tuesday in the Community Room at Baylink, Batemans Bay at 4.45pm. The room is up the main steps on the corner, turn left at the top and half way along directly opposite the Soldiers Club is a set of doors. They will be locked but we will see you and let you in if you know the secret password or can cross our palms with silver…
All are welcome and if you have your own laptop or tablet  bring it along. There is no formal structure to the meeting, a topic might be brought up or we will explore an enquiry, or I’ll throw in something of interest. Remember it doesn’t really matter what you do on your computer, when you are learning, everything will help you in the end. Exposure is the key to gaining confidence and competence. As I always say – BE A TIGER.

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